Public Art for The Busway

Sculptures installed!

The sculptures were  installed insalled on 22-07-13

To see images of the sculptures and additional information please follow the links below. There is also a selection of images of the installed artworks below- including the ducks for Duck bridge!   Commotion    Kites    Community    Glide    Transmission


This website is dedicated to following the development of public artworks for the Luton Dunstable Busway. The artworks will take thier inspiration from contemporary local history and will be developed with involvent from local community groups, local schools and Central Bedforshire College. On this site I will document ideas evolving from workshops and show initial and finalised designs and then document the creation of the artworks and their installtion. There will be a comments facility on this site if you wish to comment on initial designs.

The Busway is under construction and is due to be completed late next year. I am the artist commissioned to undertake this project. More about my work can be seen at   This project will be running over many months and will be updated when there is significant new content available.

The project is commissioned by Central Bedfordshire Council with Section 108 funding.  The artworks will be located in the Dunstable and Houghton Regis sections of the busway.

Impression of how The Luton Dunstable Busway will look without the art!


Final Artworks for the Luton Dunstable Busway

These are the four designs that were chosen by the local community to be sited at bus stops along the busway. Members of the public voted on 22 potential designs relating to different aspects of Dunstable and Houghton Regis. The sculpture maquettes were on display in Houghton Regis and Dunstable libraries where many people came to view them and vote for their favourite artworks. Many others also had opportunity to add their thoughts by added their comments on-line.  The designs evolved out of community consultation and were developed through a series of workshops with local schools and Central Bedfordshire College working alongside sculptor, Pete Moorhouse.



This sculpture celebrates the local community.

It celebrates diversity and the richness this brings

as well as community cohesion and working together.

It will be located at the White Lion retail park bus stop.

This sculpture relates to the rich heritage of transport in the

local area. It is made of various wheels: cars, trucks, scooters, bikes etc.

It celebrates the manufacturing that took place as well as the

transport links such as the old railway link. It also celebrates

the new busway as a modern method of transport and also the

new cycle path running alongside. It will be located at the bus

stop at Toland Close

This sculpture will be sited at Portland Ride bus stop.

The sculpture celebrates the heritage of the Downs.

The form celebrates flight on the downs with the gliders, kites and red kites.

The wings have Dunstable street views laser

cut into them representing different viewpoints from above

 the town.

This work relates to the rich manufacturing past. It will be located

at the end of Blackburn Road as the route enters Houghton Regis.

It celebrates many local manufacturing industries that attracted

many families to move into the area. The cogs are also found

on the Houghton Regis town crest.

In addition two stainless steel ducks have been fabricated to commemorate “duck” bridge on Church Street

(The actual forms will alter slightly as the final sculptures are produced refining certain elements allowing for structural and fabrication considerations)

We intend to install the works in the end of October 2012

Draft Designs

Below are the draft designs for potential sculptures to be sited along the guided busway route.

It’s hard to convey sculpture in  images as it’s a three-dimensional experience but these give some idea.

I’ll be in Houghton Regis Library on Tuesday 10th 10.00 – 12.00

and Dunstable library 2.30-4.30 so please come along and see the maquettes.

The designs emerged from community consultation and community workshops.

Please do comment. There will only be four sculptures so it would be great to get feedback as to which ones you prefer.

It can be hard to visualise how small card models will look when they are made from steel and are 4m in total height – it may be an idea to visit my website to get an idea of what finished work can look like:

You can comment by clicking on the comment command above or come into the libraries to give feedback.

The actual forms will be refined and altered slightly as they develop into final designs

In addition I am creating two stainless steel ducks for “duck” bridge on Church Street.

Main Themes:

1. Celebrating Dunstable as a market town, through its longest trading shop – the cottage garden flower shop. This also celebrates that people have been consistently buying flowers, with all the associated meanings.  With so many changes in the high street in recent years it celebrates trading that has occurred in recent history.  It also celebrates Dunstable’s success in Anglia in Bloom. Celebrating the act of giving – the giving tree. Flowers representing love – for a partner, lover, a loved one that has passed away, mother days etc . In the image the arms are ” giving” the flowers. The flowers can also be see to represent the wild flowers found on the downs.

This is a different interpretation where the flowers are incorporated in a hexagonal design representing pollination from bees. There are over 50 species of wild flowers on the downs including rare orchids
2. Celebrating the manufacturing industry. The manufacturing industry had a huge impact in the area. Many people moved to Houghton Regis and Dunstable for the jobs provided by these industries. AC Delco, Vauxhall, Bagshawe’s, Cross & Co , De La Rue, Rubber, Printing etc. These designs were developed by pupils of KIng’s Hougton Regis.
The above combines a chimney representing the cement works, and detail etching would resemble chalk dust silhouetees
3. Looking a the history of Dunstable’s musical past, with the California Ballroom, The Winsock. Queensway Hall. Many big names played in Dunstable from the Rolling stones to Jimmy Hendrix. Modern references to music include the Party in the Park. Dunstable Rocks.  There is also a  barber shop full of guitars!
4 The downs with so much recent history, with flight – gliders, kites and red kites
These kites would have one of three designs.
A.Street patterns
B Cultural references celebrating the diversity in the population, eg: Arabic pattern, Hindu hand henna pattern
C References to manufacturing past
A large scale kite encompassing the four quadrants
These represent red kite/ glider wings. The street patterns are the view seen of Dunstable from the sky. This concept was developed by Linda Sanders from Central Bedfordshire College
5 Orange rolling that used to take place on the downs
This work would have the slopes of the downs etched to the post and also hands to catch the oranges.
Below a minimalist version
6 Transport theme –  referring to trucks/ car industry and also Dunstable as a transport hub with former train line, major junction, new busway..
7 Cycling theme as busway will have a cycle path and there are existing national cycle route networks in the area as well as BMX/skate parks. Houghton Regis is on Nation Cycle network 6.
8 Community theme, strong sense of inclusion and celebrating diversity bring a richness to the community. Many people liked the idea of the community being celebrated.
Please do stop by the libraries.  I would very much welcome your input.  I am endeavouring to involve as many people in the community as possible with this project to ensure the community have ownership of the works.

Three Counties Radio

BBC radio – Three Counties  show interest in the project by featuring the art project, interviewing Pete Moorhouse and inviting the public to become involved by giving their suggestions and ideas –  aspects that relate to Dunstable’s and Houghton Regis’s contemporary history.

The presenter, Roberto Perrone liked the idea of having a giant flamingo, as there was once a large paper mache flamingo at the Queensway Hall!

Please contribute your thoughts and ideas!

King’s Houghton Middle School

The pupils in Y6 at King’s Houghton Middle School in Houghton Regis  explored content specific to Houghton Regis. They first collected ideas relating to Houghton Regis’s recent history and then made exploratory sketches before going on to make their maquettes. Below are some example of some of their work. All  images from their workshop can be see by following the link on the menu.

These two sculpture celebrate the manufacturing industry which brought much employment to Houghton Regis

This sculpture celebrates the skate park. It is of a scooter and deconstructed scooter parts!

Houghton Regis Consultation

I consulted with many residents of Houghton Regis, in the Library, Health Centre and in Bedford Square Shopping Centre to see what they felt was particularly relevent to Houghton Regis’s recent History.


These were the main themes to emerge:

Chalk Pit

Cement factories, kilns and chimneys + white dust everywhere!

Barrel Rolling

Cycle route 6

Skate Park

Leisure centre


New Library

Past manufacturing providing employment especially car industry Vauxhall AC Delco

Easter egg hunt

The Green

Central Bedfordshire College

The students on the Foundation and Degree courses have been developing their designs and some really interesting ideas have been evolving. They are going to continue with their investigations and experiment further with their designs. More of their ideas can be seen in their page link above.



Icknield Lower School Workshop

Two classes of year 4 pupils at Icknield Lower School had a workshop with Pete Moorhouse. They got an insight into the profession of an Artist and then learnt about Public Art, looking at examples of Public art  from around the country. They then thought about what was important and unique about Dunstable in recent history. They then thought about how these ideas could be represented in visual images by doing many sketches. Finally they  made a maquette – a model sculpture.  All their ideas can be seen by clicking the link below or at the menu at the top of the page.

Click here for all Icknield Images

This is a collage of gliders

This work commemorates the duck from “duck bridge” on Church Street

Celebrating Dunstable’s recent success in flower competitions and also that the oldest trading shop is a flower shop – The Cottage Garden flower shop.

Celebrating the community!